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OFLA Teacher Grants


To be considered for this award, you must be a currently active member of OFLA and have been a member for at least five years, with the exception of those who serve on the selection committee.


  1. Proposals must reach the OFLA Scholarship Committee Chair by January 14, 2022.
  2. Proposed projects must lead to the development of materials that will be used in the world language classroom teaching and professional growth. They may include subscriptions to electronic media, guest speakers, low-cost professional development, public relations events, or conversations with native speakers using some comparable website/app.
  3. Grantees must agree to present their materials in a session at the annual conference following the award, or in an article for the Cardinal. They are encouraged to share their materials with other teachers through the OFLA’s network.


  1. This year OFLA has a $500.00 teacher grant available. This grant may be awarded to one individual or may be awarded to more individuals who are requesting smaller amounts for their projects. The decisions will be based on the merits of proposals and the long-term benefits for students.
  2. Grant recipients will receive 80% of the award in May of the year the grant is awarded, and the remaining 20% upon completion of the final requirements, no later than the conclusion of the OFLA conference in the following year.

Due January 14, 2022!

Teacher Grant Application