Study Abroad / Immersion Scholarship Application Information

This scholarship is intended to provide some assistance to students planning to become world language teachers. OFLA believes in the value of immersion experiences, especially those planning to become professionals in the field. There is one scholarship of up to $1000 available. Recipients may receive only one scholarship in a lifetime, and check will be made out to the program, not to the individual recipient. Recipients will be asked to write a reflection piece to be included in the Cardinal or give a presentation at the OFLA conference in the spring following the immersion experience.

NOTE: Scholarships are NOT awarded for tours or vacations abroad, only for immersion experiences, home stays, study abroad, language camp, exchange programs, etc.

University students should:

  • Show evidence of being enrolled in a licensure program.
  • Submit an application form
  • Submit a description of the immersion program and include a brochure, if available.
  • Include two letters of recommendation
  • Be an active OFLA member at the time the application is received
  • Submit a personal statement indicating:
    • your reasons for choosing a career in world language education,
    • why you want to participate in this program,
    • previous experience abroad, your need for financial assistance, and
    • your intention to teach in Ohio for at least two years after licensure.

High school students should:

  • Submit an application form.
  • Submit a description of the immersion program and include a brochure, if available.
  • Submit two letters of recommendation uploaded into the application form.
  • Include a statement from a parent or guardian indicating support for your participation in your chosen program if you are awarded a scholarship.
  • Submit a personal statement including why you want to participate in the selected program, how you believe you will benefit from participating, previous experience abroad, and your need for financial assistance.

Questions may be sent to

Denise Broda, Scholarship Chair 2018-2019

Only complete applications will be considered. Everything MUST BE RECEIVED BY November 30, 2018