OFLA Teacher Grants


Any active member of the Ohio Foreign Language Association is eligible to apply for an OFLA Teacher Grant, with the exception of those who serve on the selection committee.


A. The maximum of all grants per year shall be determined at the annual budget

B. Grants are only available to persons who have been professional or lifetime OFLA
members in good standing for at least five years.

C. Members of the OFLA Teacher Grants selection committee are ineligible to receive

D. Grant proposals shall be submitted to the Scholarship Chair by no later than
November 30 for projects to be completed before the end of the OFLA Conference in
the year following the award.

E. Grantees must agree to present their project in a session at the annual conference
following the award or in an article for the Cardinal. Materials must be made available
for use by the general OFLA membership.

F. The decision to grant an award shall be made by the OFLA Board

G. Grants given to OFLA Board members or affiliate representatives require 2/3 approval
of the OFLA Board.

H. Grants will be awarded based on:

a. Availability of OFLA funds

b. How the project will benefit the teaching of world languages in the State of Ohio.

c. The feasibility of carrying out the project as stated.

d. Proposed projects must be related to the mission of the Ohio Foreign Language
Association, furthering the study of foreign language in Ohio, and be of potential
benefit to other OFLA members or to his /her students.

e. Members at all levels of instruction may apply.

I. Grants are not necessarily awarded each year

J. Members may not receive more than one grant in any five –year period.

K. The OFLA Board reserves the right to not fund any project.

L. Proposed projects must lead to the development of materials that will be used in the
foreign language classroom.

M. Online application must be received no later than the November 30, 2019.

N. Membership must be active at the time of the application for it to be considered.


A. The maximum amount to be awarded for 2019-2020 is $500 per person.

B. This award is limited to one time per teacher each five years.

C. Grant recipients will receive 80% of the award no later than May of the year the grant
is awarded, and the remaining 20% upon completion of the final requirements, no
later than the conclusion of the OFLA conference in the following year. If the project is
not completed in this time frame, then all monies must be returned to OFLA.

Due November 30, 2019

If you have questions, contact Julie Frye, OFLA Scholarship chair, scholar@ofla-online.org