The executive officers are charged with the day-to-day operations of OFLA. All executive officers are elected. Executive officers serve on various divisions of the Association, based on the mission and vision of OFLA.

rich Richard Emch, President
North Royalton, Ohio
himmelein Mark Himmelein, President Elect
Mount Union, Ohio
Cheryl Johnson, Immediate Past President
Gambier, Ohio
kaleigh baker Kaleigh Baker, Executive Vice-President
Vandalia, Ohio
howie Lisa Howie, Executive Treasurer
Smithville, Ohio
Cheryl Johnson, Parliamentarian and Bylaws
Gambier, Ohio
Wiechart headshot Teri Wiechart, Membership Chair
Grove City, Ohio
Beth_108x149 Beth Hanlon, Executive Recorder and Editor for “The Cardinal”
Oberlin, Ohio
turner Milton Alan Turner, Editor for Electronic Media
Shaker Heights, Ohio
orig_photo574228_5209752 Nela Serrano, Professional Development Chair
Shaker Heights, Ohio
20516 Faculty Awards Winners 9-18-18, MODERN LANGUAGES Professor, Kirsten Halling Kirsten Halling, Public Relations and Advocacy Chair
Dayton, Ohio


Committee Chairs are elected to the OFLA Board. They are charged with specific issues of interest to OFLA. Committee Chairs also serve on various divisions of the Association, based on the mission and vision of OFLA.

Megan Brady, Beginning Teachers
(vacant), Early Language Learning
Na Li, Scholarship
Lauren Racela, Technology Integration
Marcia Davis, Secondary Language Learning


State World Language Consultants are not voting members of the Board. They are charged with informing the board about state-level news and policies.

Ryan T Wertz ,State World Languages Consultant
Columbus, Ohio
Kathy Shelton, ODE World Language Consultant
Columbus, Ohio


Affiliates are generally language-specific groups associated with OFLA. The Affiliate members serve as liaisons to their respective organizations. In this way, OFLA and affiliate organizations communicate very closely. Affiliate members also serve in various OFLA divisions, based on the mission and vision of the Association.

Kieron Cindric, American Association of Teachers of French (Ohio)
Dennis Boyd, American Association of Teachers of German (Ohio)
Alondra Pacheco, American Association of Teacher of Spanish and Portuguese (Ohio)
Ning Zhang, Ohio Association of Teachers of Chinese
Rebecca Allen, Ohio Association of Teachers of Japanese
(vacant), Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages


The Ohio Network of Academic Alliances and the CORE-FL Groups are organizations that work on a regional level to enhance professional development for world language teachers. Each organizes and holds various professional development opportunities throughout the academic year.

  • Cincinnati Collaborative
  • CORE-FL Northeast
  • Dayton Area Foreign Language Educators (DAFLE)
  • LINC-Ohio – Languages in Central Ohio
  • Mercer-Auglaize Foreign Language Alliance (MAFLA)
  • NorthEast Ohio Language Alliance (NEOLA)
  • Ohio Valley Foreign Language Alliance
  • Toledo Area Foreign Language Alliance (TAFLA)

OFLA Past Presidents

1962-63   Leona Glenn

1963-65   Leon I. Twarog

1965-66   Thomas D’Amico

1966-67   Margaret Harold

1967-68   Geraldine O’Neill

1968-69   Robert Brooks

1969-70   Walter DeVolld

1970-71    Harriett Abell

1971-72    Evangela Vanacore

1972-73    Madaline Cook

1973-74    Flora M. Bump

1974-75    Donald R. Greenham

1975-76    Barbara Synder

1976-77    Dianne Schobel

1977-78    Manuel M. Manderine

1978-79    Gerry Antoine

1979-80    John Durdon

1980-81    Nancy Humbach

1981-82    Carolyn White

1982-83    Carolyn M. Ummel

1983-84    Judith Baughin

1984-85    Gerard L. Ervin

1985-86    Robert Novotny

1986-87    Henry Ziegler

1987-88    Marjorie Artzer

1988-89    Diane Ging

1989-90    John Purcell

1990-91    Charles Hancock

1991-92    Carolyn Andrade

1992-93    Barry G. Thomas

1993-94    Virginia Ballinger

1994-95    Lori Winne

1995-96    Rob Robison

1996-97    Deborah (Deke) Husdtadter

1997-98    Deborah Robinson

1998-99    Beverly Larson

1999-00    Marian Walters

2000-01    Bob Ballinger

2001-02    Mike Hauber

2002-03    Judi Fowlkes

2003-04    Philippa Brown Yin

2004-05    Barb Andrews

2005-06    Mary Goodwin

2006-07    Rita Stroempl

2007-08    Mark Himmelein

2008-09    Martha Pero

2009-10    Fred Toner

2010-11     Sarah Shackelford

2011-12    Carol Eiber

2012-13    Roslyn Terek

2013-14    Teri Wiechart

2014-15    Richard Emch

2015-16    Martha Castañeda

2016-17    Lucas Hoffman

2017-18    Beth Hanlon

2018-19    Milton Alan Turner

2019-20    Lesley Chapman

2020-21    Cheryl Johnson