New Teacher Scholarship

OFLA Conference 2018 Attendance


The intent of this scholarship is to give world language teachers in the first five years of their careers, without financial support of their school districts, the opportunity to experience the OFLA Conference.  This time spent with other educators will give new teachers the chance to increase their capacity as world language teachers, to network with other professionals, and to learn about the OFLA organization.  The conference offers over 100 sessions and workshops that will enhance the knowledge gained in the classroom. This can be used as part of your RESA:  “Professional Development and Growth Form 4.3: Provide an analysis of one (1) professional development experience.” RESAInstrument2016FINAL.COMPRESSED.PDF, p, 22.


The scholarship is for $300 and will cover

  • Conference registration (which includes all sessions Friday and Saturday)
  • Additional optional Thursday and/or Saturday workshops
  • Hotel expenses (1/2 the room rate for 2 nights)
  • Transportation
  • Meals

The scholarship check will be awarded at the end of the conference and upon fulfillment of the requirements stated below.

Individuals are eligible to receive this scholarship no more than two times. Priority will be given to those who have not previously received an OFLA Conference Scholarship


  • Be a current Professional OFLA Member at the time of the application
  • Be a world language teacher at a private or public Ohio institution
  • Complete an online application:
    • Including a 250-300 word essay explaining why world language education is the chosen profession
    • Including a 250-300 word essay explaining what is hoped to benefit from attending the conference
    • Including the completed electronic recommendation form from your principal or department chair –
  • Including proof of the number of years you have been teaching


Scholarship winners will be expected to

  • Register and pay the conference fee (Reimbursement for this amount is included in the $300.)
  • Attend the scholarship breakfast on Friday morning (compliments of OFLA, in addition to the scholarship)
  • Attend the Conference Introduction session
  • Attend multiple sessions throughout the conference
  • Fulfill two hours of assigned duties
  • Attend the Awards Banquet (compliments of OFLA, in addition to the scholarship)

Additional optional participation

  • Write a reflection piece about how the various sessions attended have increased your capacity as a future world language teacher to be given to the Scholarship Chair no later than May 1 and shared with the OFLA Board and/or published in the Cardinal.  This reflection can be used as “evidence for whatever is required by your school district or by RESA.
  • Attend extra-fee workshops on Thursday

If there are special circumstances of which we should be aware, please include an explanatory note with your application materials.

Questions can be sent to

Denise Broda, Scholarship Chair 2017-2018