The OFLA Mission

Every Ohio student will be proficient in a second language, which is essential to a world-class education.

The OFLA Vision

The Ohio Foreign Language Association is committed to articulated, standards-based world language study beginning in the primary grades, so that every learner, from early childhood through adult, acquires a high level of communicative and intercultural competence.

The OFLA Strategic Plan

  1. Establish clear expectations for foreign language learners.
  2. Build the capacity of foreign language educators to prepare learners to demonstrate their proficiency.
  3. Build support for foreign language instruction among parents, policy leaders, the business community and opinion leaders in the media.
  4. Advocate to attract, support and retain highly qualified foreign language educators.
For those of you interested in registering for OFLA Conference 
graduate credit, click here.

 Summary information: 
√ Credit Options Available: 1 Grad Credit - $95

Graduate Credit Requirements:
√ Attend the Ohio Foreign Language Association Conference 
√ Register online at 
   Click on the “Conferences & Workshops” link at the top 
   and scroll down to the OFLA Conference.

Assignments for 1 Graduate Credit: 
A. Attend a minimum of 8 hours of conference sessions. 
     This usually means 8 one-hour sessions or equivalent 
     hours of longer workshops. 
B. Write a brief summary of each session/workshop attended. 
     Summarize the session in 150-250 words. 
Cover the following topics: 
 What can I apply to my teaching? 
 What were the strengths? 
 What would have made this session/workshop
    more valuable to me? 
 Include the email address of at least
    one of the presenters